“The most Revolutionary change to driver education in 50 years”.“life Changing Education” . Changing the paradigm Globally,  .Mr. Craig Waters

To the Principal. we have Australia’s most effective driver education program tailored to your curriculum.

Who Are Road Safety Educators Australia

Road Safety Educators Australia changed the paradigm in driver training. We researched driver training globally for 7 years², developing a significantly different, comprehensive and effective driver training praxis. We use andragogical education not didactic instruction as the basis for training and measure our effectiveness against ZERO crash rates post licence.

The completed praxis was released to market on may the 8th 2013. The results have been nothing short of impressive and life saving.  The gap between theory and steering wheel has been Bridged! . All platinum clients have achieved Vision zero. as at 24/10/2015

Changing the paradigm,

  • Australia’s most effective Driver Training Curriculum 797 units of competency based road user interaction
  • Developed in a pedagogical & andragogical framework,
  • active participation & client driven
  • performance based outcomes,
  • delivery tailored to clients learning style (homogenised delivery is not necessary when delivering direct to a personality style),
  • matching environments to needs and clients level,
  • Delivered utilising coaching methodologies,
  • Measuring success against crash/injury rate post licence. the only acceptable out is “ZERO
  • 30X 1 hour sessions . including 5 initial sessions with parental/supervising driver assistance and training followed by 24 sessions over 2 years. (this can be delivered over shorter time frames)
    • 1 hour per month?
    • ( this would include the free keys2 drive session offered by federal government
  • 797 units of competency based driver interactions
  • 44 modules
  • Elearning for Supervising drivers, parents and novice drivers
  • Comprehensive parental/supervising driver  training and assistance programs
  • Contained in an educationally aligned learning journal

Delivered by qualified Driver Educators:(Accredited by: Road Safety Educators Australia)

  • trained to identify learning styles, select appropriate environments and calibrate effectiveness against an action, if your not learning its our fault³ we will change the delivery methodology to match your learning style
  • training comprising 6 months full time and then ongoing for 2 years, monthly with additional support on call, before final graduation (aligned with a diploma qualification)
  • tailoring coaching  methodologies to suit each clients learning style,
  • matching environments  to needs
  • Referencing Australias most advanced and effective driver training curriculum. 797 units of competency.
  • Ability to identify & select appropriate training methodology: Anxious, introvert, Artist/science, High achievers.  Risk taker, Extrovert , Engineers, Aspergers, cp, Brain acquired injuries, downs syndrome and all learning types.
    • the journey may change, but the outcome remains constant. #drivesafety2. vision zero
  • calibrate learning against an outcome

    Learn’t is not learned, until it produces an Action!

  • Measure success against ZERO crash.injuries


What do we do differently?

We provide educationally effective Novice Driver training programs to Schools, their students and parents/supervising drivers taking a comprehensive and fundamentally different approach. We have had a paradigm shift in the way we train drivers to remain crash free. Our training significantly reduces the risks for p plate drivers.

What Can your school do to reduce road trauma risk? 

Every High School in Australia, whose student’s road safety, is an integral part of its wellbeing policy. We actively encourage parents to be part of the team as the major provider of driver practice time. Let’s work together to #drivesafety2 .Why do Novice Drivers and their Supervising drivers use our services- Novice drivers trained by our educational syllabus have significantly lower crash risk⁶ and we all want crash/injury free P Platers. It is not only achievable but should be expected. To achieve this we use a significantly different approach than driving instructors have used for the previous 50 years ( The same tell them how to pass a test whilst driving repeatedly around test routes combined with off road training programs in circuits is  till used to day)our aim is to pass on knowledge that produces an action, that when automated can be reproduced in all live and dynamic environments as an active safe process. Driving Instruction does not and will not achieve a safe outcome as proven by the over representation of new drivers in road trauma statistics who have received they training.
Our training is effective for all Novice Drivers irrespective of their learning style, age, demographic, sex, history,

What makes us different?
We are educated for 2.5 years in effective driver training using a coaching methodology and delivered in clients learning style referencing the Australia’s most significantly effective  driver training Curriculum© as the syllabus. We will deliver knowledge of a safe and comprehensive process, then allowing time in tailored environment’s to practice until the process forms a solid foundation that when Automated allows safe interaction with other road users all day, every day, everywhere. We change our delivery, not your learning style!

If you would like to discuss your schools road safety education program we would like the opportunity to partner with you. Please contact Craig Waters on the channels detailed below to discuss your decision to #drivesafety2.
Mr Craig Waters
Road Safety Educators, Australia
P o box 1849, Geelong, Victoria, Australia 3220. Victoria.
Dir.; +61 411 110 112  Aus wide: 1300 785 112

www.roadsafetyeducators.com.au  info@roadsafetyeducators.com.au

  • RSEA0014, High School Drivers Ed.
  • Platinum club: our aim is for all novice drivers in Australia to receive this education model as driver’s ED year 10 to 12, so together we can significantly reduce the risk associated with p plate drivers and meet the target set by Vision Zero. (1hr per month⁹)
  • Gold Club: for those who come into training late but still want to significantly reduce the risk in all high risk driving situations.(12hrs+)
  • Post License training and risk assessment, (Gap analysis)
  • School presentations to year 10-12 students, teachers & parents/supervisors highlighting the paradigm change in educational methods now available in Australia. The role they play in safety. Comprehensive support to assist them through the 120 hours with Australia’s most effective and advanced Novice Driver Curriculum©.
  • 1 hour per month in Victoria for the learner period. (Other Sates see your provider)
  • Parents we need to change the paradigm from the way you were trained by instructors and implement a coaching methodology. you will feel safer interact in an adult manner, get better feedback, potentially enjoy the process as many have stated following our program and may even drive safer as a result!
  • Homework that’s easy to do as part of your everyday driving, rather than just getting from A to B. Detailed in a workbook, lets utilize the 120 hours to #drivesafety2
  • Full back up and support from Australia’s most effective Novice driver educators

Now, you have a significantly different choice! education or instruction#drivesafety2

Drivers training delivered in off road courses has been shown by research to potentially increase the risk³ we do not train in race tracks or of road circuits. Our aim is Vision zero www.visionzeroinitiative.com)
For number referencing see web site www.roadsafetyeducators.com.au *

3 Confucius

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