Bus Driver Education

Bus driver training and assessment Geelong, Melbourne, Victoria, We deliver training australia wide.

Our clients expect crash free bus drivers. All bus driver training is conducted in live and dynamic environments tailored to clients needs. Coaching methodology delivered in an adult learning style referencing Australia’s most advanced and effective driver training curriculum, 797 units competency based.only one acceptable outcome Vision Zero

  1. Measure success against crash free not just opinions about wonderful training delivery.

New Overseas clients please email Craig Waters direct. craig.waters@roadsafetyeducators.com.au

Community bus driver training, Council bus driver courses,

  • Bus Driver Training is available across Australia
  • Bus driver training and assesment programs
  • Council Bus Driver Course
  • Volunteer Bus Driver Training & Assessment
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Community bus driver training
  • Wheel chair standard operating procedures developed
  • Defensive driving Courses
  • Journey Management development
  • Fatigue management
  • e-learning
  • Our effectiveness, is measured against crash rates post training

  • Class room training sessions
  • All training on road in live and dynamic tailored environments
  • e-learning and research
  • New employee assessments
  • Overseas employee transfer assessment
  • Fatigue management processes
  • Training Designed Specifically To Meet Your Required Outcome
  • Reduce Risks Associated With Problem Drivers
  • Investigation and Research
  • Implement Crash Reduction Initiatives
  • Reduce  Unfavourable Crash Budgets
  • Increase Driver Awareness
  • Staff Training
  • Mentor Training Systems
  • Client training plans
  • Teams Working Together Reduce Crash Risks
  • Court Ordered Assessments

Contact Craig Waters our Principal personally to discuss your individual requirements.  all training is tailored to clients needs at no additional cost to client.

direct: + 61 411 110 112

Aus wide ; 1300 785 112


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