Novice Driver Education

Upgrade to an accredited road safety educator.

The results are Guaranteed to reduce the crash risks for teenage drivers.

  1. Education delivered using coaching methodologies
  2. personalised delivery matched to your learning style.i.e. anxiety, risk taker, Aspergers, introvert, extrovert, engineer….
  3. Curriculum with 797 units of competency based safe processes
  4. Environments tailored to meet training needs, growing in complexity as your driving advances
  5. Success measured against ZERO crash/injuries
  6. research based education programs.
  7. comprehensive parental/supervising driver assistance programs
  8. learning support
Get your licence first time before Christmas

Get your licence to drive crash and injury free

You wanted real driver training, Its available now! so don’t risk your loved ones life. Our Driver educators use Australia’s most effective driver education training systems that have long term live saving outcomes. #idrivesafety

We have significantly changed the Australian driver training methodology, curriculum, delivery style, outcome and how its measured. we measure success against Zero crash rates and our driver education system has Australia’s lowest Crash rates for novice drivers. Our aim is ZERO

  1. Driver Education Programs
  2. NDIS provider 57440679. (RSEA0194 NDIS driving lessons)
  3. School Based Drivers ED Australia
  4. Hand Controls Special Needs
  5. Aspergers Driver Training
  6. Risk Takers Training Courses
  7. Community Group Driver Programs
  • RSEA0032 – Novice Driver Educational programs
    • RSEA0054 Platinum Club Package
    • RSEA0260 Platinum Plus package @idrivesafety
    • RSEA0055 Gold Club Package
  • RSEA0002 – Defensive driving courses
  • RSEA0005 – Crash rehabilitation programs
  • RSEA0008 – Asperger’s driver education programs
  • RSEA0012 – Crash investigation
  • RSEA0013 – Modified vehicle education programs
  • RSEA0014 – School based education program design services
  • RSEA0015 – E-learning Programs for Novice Drivers
    • RSEA0033 Supervisors
    • RSEA0034 Calibration

We do not use driving instructors as global research has shown this methodology has increased crash risks for new drivers and is not effective as an educational process.

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 “News Flash”

Mr Paul Delaney has completed his level 1 and level 2training and is actively delivering real driver education across Geelong, Lara, Werribee and the surf coast.


Paul is accredited to deliver driver education to:

  • Learners
  • Defensive Driver courses
  • Disabilities
  • Seniors
  • Coaching courses for instructors

Mr Charles Frisch offers driving lessons in Burwood, Know, Rowville and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Mr Charles Frisch from Safe driving Australia is a local Rowville driving instructor with auto driving lessons . Charles recently transferred from manual driving lessons in Rowville, knox and oakleigh zones

Charles is accredited by Road Safety Educators Australia to deliver driver education to:

  • Learners
  • Defensive Driver courses
  • Disabilities
  • Seniors
  • Fleet
  • Instructors looking to upgrade to accredited educators
  • Coaching courses for driving instructors

Please contact charles direct for driving lessons, Learners, disabled, Fleet and defensive (auto) in knox, glen waverley, rowville and burwood on 0409359204 or email Charles at charles

Click here to email Charles!

Mr Charles Frisch south east Melbourne

Mr Paul Delaney. Geelong, Lara  and surf coast, geelong driver training

Mr Craig Waters  Geelong, surfcoast, lara

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