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NDIS provider number 57440679
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specialised driver training
Pricing  is available on request as stipulated on ndis pricing structure

We were the first approved and accredited NDIS NDIA provider for driver training in Australia. We are immensely proud to lead the way with exceptional training packages and highly experienced Driver Educators, specialised in training drivers with additional needs. We offer a significant upgrade from a driving instructor with tailored driver education matched to each clients learning style and ability. the most significant change to Australian driver education in 50 years

We are  humbled by the exceptional results we are having with all clients and the life changing impact this is having our clients and their families.

please ask your accredited driver educators to match a driver occupational therapist to your personal needs.

South eastern suburbs Melbourse

Mr Charles Frisch www.safedrivingaustralia.com.au      0409 359 204          charles@safedrivingaustralia.com.au

Geelong, Lara, Surfcoast, Werribee

Mr Craig Waters    0411 110 112

  • Tailored Driver Education Programs
    • 16 year old plus drivers
    • Platinum Club packages
    • Gold Club packages
  • NDIS provider 57440679.
  • (RSEA0194 NDIS driving lessons programs)
  • Modified Vehicles
    • Hand Controls
    • Electronic controls
    • Steering wheel spinner knobs
    • Rb Systems for spinner knobs
    • Left Foot accelerators
    • Remote control accessories
  • Aspergers driver training
  • Brain acquired injuries driver training
  • Cerebral palsy driver training
  • MS driver training
  • Stroke victims
  • Other NDIS clients driver training programs

Partner Occupational therapists in  greater geelong and surfcoast regions

  1. Andrew Cross     0409 541 296
  2. Narelle Wilde     0417  377 585


Vehicle Modifications

We personally recommend Franks Engineering for all vehicle modification. the reason is, they are the best at what they do and pricing is very competitive

Franks Engineering,  www.franksengineering.com.au/

Address: 135 Bakers Rd, Coburg North VIC 3058

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Craig WatersNDIS Provider