The Road Safety Journey

We would like to thank the following for their input and help:

our aim was and is, to significantly reduce crash rates through effective education
Apply-Knowledge Establish a-Foundation Practice until-Automation

Michael Waters 
Driver Training Supervisor, RACV Drive School
Without Michael’s assistance and support, this would not have been possible.

Mr Charles Frisch
Senior Driver Educator
Thank you Charles for the significant effort you have put into reaching the level of Accredited Road Safety Educator (senior). you have proved that the system is transferable and safe injury free drivers can be educated. Charles has with out doubt, developed into the leading Australian driver educator.

Catherine Leigh Smith
Thank you for the time, patience and direction with the psychological impact.

Occupational Therapists 

Debbie Verikous. Michelle Tehan, Andrew Cross and Narelle Wilde.

Research papers and theoretical studies

The Late and Great Dr Ron Christie, Dr Erik Roelofs, Dr Jan Vissers, Dr Ian Blanchonette, Hermes report, CarrsQ team, Muarc, Dr James Harrison and many others cited on our listing page. Thank you

Last but not least, the many Novice, Adult, fleet, Aged and Rehab  drivers along with the parents who put up with my humour and drive to get you beyond the test and  #drivesafety2. Life Changing Education is achievable, finally…..

the results are significantly safer drivers who are managing risks and driving injury free.

Finally, without God this would be just a theory.

Thank you

Craig Waters

Road Safety Educators Australia

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