Seniors Driver Programs

Keeping older drivers driving longer and Safer. Senior drivers

Road Safety Educators have proven senior driver training programs, that keep older drivers driving longer and safer.

our success in keeping older drivers on the road is significant. we use adult coaching methodologies, keeping it simple and safe, you don’t need to be perfect just safe and when necessary local licences are available if you don’t need to drive to sydney.

  • Seniors driver assessments and training.
  • Occupational Therapists available.
    1. ask your local accredited road safety educator for a personal recommendation to a certified occupational therapist that is tailored to your needs.
  • Driver training and  assistance following stroke, acquired brain injury, fall, or any other issue.
  • Re gaining licence programs.
  • Vic Roads driver test help.
  • Rehab driver training following surgery
  • Family concerns assessments.
  • We work with local doctors and rehab centres
  • NDIS provider 57440679
  • TAC provider

Other Ot service providers in geelong, colac, Warrnambool  and coast.

  • Andrew Cross     0409 541 296
  • Narelle Wilde     0417 377 585

Geelong Aged Driver education providers (auto and manual cars)

  • Craig Waters: 0411 110 112 
  • Kathy Evans: 0418 522 827

melbourne  suburbs Camberwell to Kilsyth senior driver programs including glen waverley

  • Mr Charles Frisch 0409 359 204
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Craig WatersSeniors Driver Programs