Driving instructor Coaching courses

Road Safety Educators Australia offer Australias most advanced and effective driver coaching courses for driving instructors developed over 7 years globally. why become a driving instructor when you can be rewarded financially and mentally by becoming a driver educator.

all coaching programs are backed by world leading research and success is measured against outcomes. “learnt is not learned until it produces an action”Confucius.

Road Safety educators australia is leading the Australian driving instruction transition to a driver education model following a successfully developed and  research backed driver education praxis that will not only change your current system from laps around test routes to having the ability to offer 30 hour training programs that will Guarantee crash risk reductions for teenage drivers. we offer a driver training program that provides a safe process for every road user interaction incorporating internal and external distractions in a continual partial assessment or multi tasking if using old school thinking.

Your satisfaction garnished from suppling effective drivers Ed programs will change and revolutionise your personal motivation. our drivers Ed program is world leading and currently revolutionising the Australian driver training industry.

Get a franchise while you can. limited zones with limited franchises.

  1. increase your ability to train drivers of all personalities
  2. increase your income potential by up to 900% per client.
  3. identify each clients learning style
  4. select an appropriate delivery methodology that enhances your clients ability to turn theory into an action
  5. measure your success against ZERO
    1. publish your recorded safety results significantly increasing your marketing

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Craig WatersDriving instructor Coaching courses