Current Project news

  1. Ethiopian Project. develop and manage off road driver training complex to meet international best practice standards using Road Safety Educators Australia  “live and Dynamic praxis” #idrivesafety March 2017
  2. Ethiopian Project. establish a sister city relationship between City Of Greater Geelong and Dire Dawa (Ethiopia) creating Geelong first international city city relationship linking us to a significant christian powerhouse in Africa. #idrivesafety April 2017
  3. Victorian Police project. Deliver Driver education to Victorian Police Cadets. Jan 2017
  4. Young Driver Safety package.  Roadsmart = Road Safety Educators Australia approached the Victorian Government with a view to having the Road Safety Educators Australia Novice Driver Training Program installed as part of the year 10 to year 12 curriculum across Victoria.Dec 2016
  5. International expansion:
    1. Road Safety Educators India (RSE-I) this project has taken 12 months and it looks like being live in October 2017
    2. Road Safety Educators China (RSE-C) the journey has begun
    3. Road Safety Educators Australasia(RSE-A) !2 moths in development Notice Due out very soon 19/06/2017?
    4. NDIS program Bringing the vic roads and Victorian State Government roadsmart program to geelong and disability services December 2017
  6. Hamilton driversEd program has been accepted by council and the Hamilton Motor Sports team will begin training with Craig Waters development the DriversEd program. Life Changing Education @idrivesafety live launch at the Hamilton motor show in October 2017
  7. Geelong off road driversEd and road user centre of excellence> approach geelong and the initial response is very positive.

We are proudly, a key stake holder in the Young Driver Safety Package managed by the Victorian Labour Government

The gap between theory and practice, “bridged”

  • 1 hour per month per student
  • initial 5 hours including parental/supervising driver assistance
  • 30 hours total delivered monthly
  • 44 modules signed of as part of Graduated licence testing
  • 797 units of competency
  • delivered in a coaching methodology
  • tailored to each clients learning style, (not homogenised )
  • Environments matched to needs
  • elearning support for Novice and parent/supervising drivers
  • socioeconomic clients catered for.
  • Success measured against crash rates post licensing. one aim, ZERO

Significantly reduce road trauma for New drivers aged 18 to 26

significantly reduce impact on health care system

save lives, build families

We do not support driving instruction as an effective educational methodology

Then we aim to approach other states with the same outcome.

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