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5 Star Driver Education programs. Changing the paradigm Globally.

  • Learners, Adults, Fleet, Seniors, Rehab, Disabled and Defensive driving programs

“Guaranteed to reduce crash risks “  we make choices “patience or risk being a patient”

Road Safety Educators Australia have an active driver education praxis that has bridged the gap between desk and steering wheel. Our driver Ed programs have shown that when education is effectively applied, interactional processes between road users are measured against zero and each action is automated whilst incorporating internal and external distractions we can produce teenage, adult, senior and disabled drivers who drive injury free.

  • Education- to be Effective must be managed by highly trained educators  not engineers.
  • Delivery methodology- coaching tailored to each learning style (not didactic instructors)
  • Curriculum-must have an active safe process for every road user interaction that incorporates safety margins, identifying & allowing for human errors.
  • Environments must be matched to needs. Live and dynamic
  • Success- Measured against ZERO, the only safe outcome.

Learners. Adults. Fleet. Disabilities. Seniors. Defensive. CAR. BUS. Mentors, Accredited Driver Educators. Coaching courses

We are 10 years ahead of any other driver education program in australia and are actively seeking Corporate, Government and International partners

7 years Global research into driver education, behavioural studies, crash causality, learning methodologies, learning styles, successfully measuring effectiveness, driving dynamics, situational processes, risk, curriculum design, adult learning, current processes and their deficiencies, why driving instructors are not producing safe drivers and never could, driving tests are they effective when measured against post licence crash rates.

  • Transfer the aquired knowledge into a working curriculum 797 units
  • Test its effectiveness
  • Measure the effectiveness over the highest risk period (first 6months)
  • Train Educators to deliver the program
  • Measure the entire programs effeteness agains Vision Zero
  • July 2015 results show the program is significantly reducing crash risk.

1. Novice Driver Education Programs

Guaranteed to significantly reduce crash risks in teenage drivers

  • Delivered using a coaching methodology
  • 797 units,  competency based
  • Tailored live and dynamic environments
  • Delivered in clients learning style
  • Measured against crash rates post licence.
  • Platinum, Gold,  educational packages
  • Risk Taker, High anxiety, introvert, artistic, engineering, Extrovert, high achiever, every one can drive injury free!
  • The journey may change but the out come remains Zero!

2. Driving instructor training course (Accredited Road Safety Educators)900% more income*

  • Changing Driving  instructors into effective educators (initial 6 months full time)
  • 2 year, ongoing monthly training and support
  • if the clients not learning its up to the Educator to select a delivery methodology that is effective.
  • Driver Education Curriculum, a safe process for road user interaction.
  • Coaching methodology as the delivery system
  • Delivered matched to clients learning style
  • learnt is not learned until it produces an action
  • Success is measured against crash rates post training. Our aim is that of Vision Zero!

3. Adult Driver Education program

  • Adult training methodologies
  • competency based
  • Australia most comprehensive driver training program
  • Australias most effective Adult driver training system

1. Driver rehabilitation educational programs.

  • exceptional education methodology
  • tailored to each clients learning style
  • NDIS provider  57440679
  • Cerabel palsy. Aspergers, Downs syndrome, Brain acquired injury,Multiple sclerosis  , Muscular dystrophy 
  • Occupational Therapist
  • process driven
  • Hand controls, Interlock, Drink driver training,

2. Fleet driver education programs

  • Success the only acceptable outcome is ZERO
  • Guaranteed to reduce crash risks
  • lowest fuel consumption
  • bus, car, truck, mentor
  • Annual and New Employee Assessments

3. Defensive driving courses

  • ABS course released to market 2009
  • Adult driver Defensive driver programs
  • Expect zero

4.  Senior Driver Programs

  • Success in keeping older drivers driving longer and safer
  • Dementia, Age related issues our training shows real results
  • Australias most important senior driver programs get in early keep driving longer

I would like to thank everyone who provided insight and advise along the very long journey including my brother Michael Waters who put up with the many long and late night discussions. Michael thank you.

Psychologists, engineers, educators, teachers, behaviourists, international road safety experts, thank you. Road safety is better for the journey.

Up Next:

  1. Looking for international opportunities.
  2. partner with  state governments (NSW, QLD) change the paradigm between theory to steering wheel.


Craig Waters

Road Safety Educators Australia.


We used crash research  and training methodologies  from across the globe whilst simultaneously  conducted our own in live and dynamic environments across Australia and New Zealand looking to close the gap between theory and practice, the result is Australia’s most advanced and effective Novice driver training program.

Currently across the globe including here in Austalia the vast majority (estimated to be as high as 99%) of driver training is  delivered using instructional methodology (listen and obey) based on 1970’s ‘Tell, Listen and Obey’ tips on how to pass a known test route. Instructors spend each morning find out which testers are on an then drive around the preferred test routes, testers record different numbers so it looks like they take different routes each test. this method has shown to be ineffective across many disciplines including driver training, but the consequences are significant in the driving arena. With the published high RISK  for new drivers in the first 6 months, the need for a change was and remains self evident.

The 3 Es of road safety being: Equipment, Environment, and Education – only one has not altered over the past 30 years. Education!. the equipment and environment have changed significantly over the past 40 years and for the better in most cases.

In 2006 we set about researching and studying all the training methodologies and curriculum’s currently being utilised around the globe including visits to Netherlands, United Kingdom, the USA, and New Zealand. After extensive research and attending training sessions in each country including across Australia, we set about putting together a training program specifically looking at a comprehensive syllabus designed backwards from the crash causality using coaching methodology as the delivery method.

Coaching as a training methodology was the delivery system chosen, research showed the strongest results for internalised and a non-hierarchical methodology. Active participation was highest across all learning styles with this methodology.

The final training program design by Craig Waters was released as the Road Safety Educators Australia. Novice Driver curriculum© may 2013.

Based on over 7 years of testing and trialing, measuring the effectiveness for active participant-thought and action in each task process, and finally in the following 6 months after licencing. The results, show significant crash reduction!

June 2009: Commenced training first Road Safety Educator (retrained from  driving instructor to Educator)

  • 6 month full time initial training,
    • How to deliver using Coaching methodologies,
    • How to identify the clients learning style and select the most effective delivery style.
    • Select the approprate training from one of the 44 modules contained in the Novice Driver Curriculum© after gap analysis  identified a high risk with a process. 
    • Match environments to suit each training module tailored to the clients needs.
    • 2 years ongoing training monthly in live and dynamic training environments for the following 2 years and then ongoing annual training

Feb 2010: Commenced training 2nd Road Safety Educator

Jan 2011; first Novice driver  to complete Novice driver curriculum© ( acheived Vision zero)

May 2013: Released to the market Australia’s most advanced and effective Novice Driver Curriculum©.

Jan 2015: significant growth across all streams along with those who undertook the training having attributable results mimicking our own.

Aug 2016:  icttp conference in Brisbane. we discovered that not only is our driver education praxis up there with the latest world research, but also ahead of the global education system then calibration is a measurement of ongoing safety.

December 2016:  Partnering with Karrikins and Dr Ray Shuey to tender for the Victorian Government and Vic Rds Young Driver Safety Package. successfully awarded tender .#idrivesafety


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