Accredited Driving Coaches

Mrs Tracey Thomson accredited by idrivesafety (level 2 Coach)

  1. Learners auto and manual driving lessons
  2. Disabilities Ndis provider . Aspergers – Autism driving lessons. Anxiety – risk taker driving lessons. MS -CP- MF driving lessons. Downs – ABI driving lessons
  3. Seniors driver training
  4. lara to torquay and across Geelong
  5. currently in training for hand controls and rehabilitation (Commenced June 2018)

Mr Paul Delaney is accredited by idrivesafety (Level 3 Coach)

  • Driver training services delivered across greater Geelong, Surfcoast,Geelong Ballarine peninsula, Lara, Werribee
  1. Learners Auto and manual
  2. Adults
  3. NDIS provider with disability clients
  4. Seniors Driver training
  5. occupational therapist service provider
  6. Paul is accredited to train car and mentors

Mrs Kathy Evans is accredited by idrivesafety  (Level 3 Educator)

  1. Seniors, Auto and Manual
  2. Disabilities Ndis provider
  3. Fully modified car, hand controls telemetries……
  4. rehabilitation
  5. Learners
  6. training driving coaches

Mr Craig Waters is accredited by Road Safety Educators Australia& idrivesafety (Senior Coach)

  1. NDIS provider
    1. Learners, Adults
    2. Seniors
    3. Disabilities Aspergers, autism, Downs, Cp, MS, ABI, Downs, ABI,
    4. Fully modified car, hand controls telemetries……
    5. rehabilitation
    6. Fleet
    7. Global provider
    8. training driving coaches
    9. crash scene investigation
    10. Road Safety Auditor
    11. international driver education services
    12. curriculum Development
    13. Government lobbyist
    14. Analytics development

Leading Australian driver coaches, changing from the problems associated with driving instructors to a new reducing the road toll in driver training system Graduated Education System (GES)

Craig WatersAccredited Driving Coaches