Hamilton motor sports DriversEd “News”

News, Hamilton Motor Sports DriversEd program

Major announcement.

We have been successful in getting the most significant change to Australian driver education accepted by Hamilton council.
Firstly our sincere thanks and appreciation to mr Martin Bailey and the hamilton motor sports team for their tireless work driving this long journey (puns intended)to get driversEd in Hamilton that saves lives by reducing crash risks.
Craig Waters will design a driversEd program and deliver to the mentors, we are looking

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Hamilton Motor Sport Park

Last week we said we had some news that we will be able to tell everyone this week, after about 2 years of work Hamilton Motorsport park has a Home has Approval to Start a Driver Eductaction program Launch date 29th of October, yes day of Car,Bike and Truck show a lot more information to come out in the next few weeks,
in the few weeks we will put outs forms for people to become members of Hamilton Motorsport park a lot more will follow in the next few weeks in regards to membership what you get for being a Member etc
Big Thank You , to all the sponsors that believed in us


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Craig WatersHamilton motor sports DriversEd “News”